The Other Story

The Other Story was a landmark exhibition, which sought to outline a history of ‘Afro-Asian artists in post-war Britain’. The exhibition was curated by Rasheed Araeen and organised by Hayward Gallery and South Bank Centre, London, 1989. It featured work by the following artists: Rasheed Araeen, Saleem Arif, Frank Bowling, Sonia Boyce, Eddie Chambers, Avinash Chandra, Avtarjeet Dhanjal, Uzo Egonu, Iqbal Geoffrey, Mona Hatoum, Lubaina Himid, Gavin Jantjes, Balraj Khanna, Donald Locke, David Medalla, Ronald Moody, Ahmed Parvez, Ivan Peries, Keith Piper, A J Shemza, Kumiko Shimizu, F N Souza, Aubrey Williams and Li Yuan Chia.

Running to 160 pages, the exhibition catalogue featured an introduction, four essays and a postscript by Rasheed Aareen. Foreword and acknowledgements by Joanna Drew, Director of Hayward and Regional Exhibitions and Andrew Dempsey, Assistant Director, Hayward Gallery. Chronology compiled by Julia Engelhardt, Artists’ biographies compiled by Anita Swarup. A section of the catalogue was titled ‘Other Voices’ and featured contributions from Balraj Khanna, Guy Brett, David Medalla, Mel Gooding, Lubaina Himid and Maud Sulter (A Statement from The Elbow Room), and Gavin Jantjes. Extensively illustrated with colour and monochrome reproductions. The exhibition itself attracted a considerable amount of press attention. Following its showing at the Hayward Gallery, the exhibition went on to be seen in Wolverhampton (Art Gallery) and Manchester (City Art Gallery and Cornerhouse).

Eddie Chambers' work in the exhibition was as follows:

The Destruction of the National Front, 1979/80,
Collage, four panels
82.7 x 239.2 cm

How Much Longer You Bastards?, 1983
Collage, 120 x 240 cm
Sheffield City Art Galleries

Capitalism and Racism: You Know That Much is True, 1983
Collage and mixed media
120 x 275 cm

The Black Bastard as a Cultural Icon, 1985
Four works from the exhibition
Collage, each 79 x 51 cm

The Slaughter of Another Golden Calf, 1984/5
Two works from the exhibition
Collage, each 71 x 51