20th Century Black Artists was an exhibition that took place at San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, California, September 3 – October 8, 1976. The exhibition overlapped with Two Centuries of Black American Art, which premiered at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, September 30, 1976–November 21, 1976. 

Benny Andrews
Romare Bearden
Arthur Carraway
Elizabeth Catlett
David Hammons
Leon Hicks
Marie Johnson
Benjamin Jones
Lois Mailou Jones
Jacob Lawrence
Valerie Maynard
Geraldine McCullough
Lev Mills
Evangeline Montgomery
Leslie Price
Noah Purifoy
Betye Saar
Raymond Saunders
Charles White
Sargent Johnson
Yasmin Sayyed Terry

20th Century Black Artists came with this catalogue in which each artist was represented by a double page spread. On the left side of the spread there appeared a small photograph of the artist, a summary of their career to date, an a list of their works in the exhibition, including medium, dimensions and dates. White's contributions were Prophet 1 (1976), Frederick Douglass (1950), and Wanted Poster Series - L12A (1970). On the right side of the Charles White spread, was a reproduction of Missouri C (1973) and a much smaller reproduction of Cat's Cradle (1973). The text in the catalogue was relatively brief and consisted of a one page 'Introduction' which may have been written to Marie Johnson, Visiting Curator.