In 1959 Charles White was one of the 31 American Contemporary Artists who were included in an exhibition of that name held at the ACA [American Contemporary Art] Gallery, then located at 63 East 57th Street, New York. White maintained an association with the progressive ACA Gallery over many years, and this exhibition, marking the twenty-seventh anniversary of the gallery, was particularly significant. (White had had five solo shows at ACA Gallery between 1947 and 1958.) White's two pages in the catalogue featured a CV beginning with a biographical summary, followed by ONE-MAN SHOWS, PUBLICATIONS, AWARDS, PARTICIPATION IN LARGE EXHIBITIONS, and MUSEUM REPRESENTATION.

The drawing by White that appeared in this unpaginated catalogue was "MARY, DON'T YOU WEEP, DON'T YOU MOURN", COLLECTION OF MR. HARRY BELAFONTE.

The catalogue opened with a substantial, seven-page text on the history of the ACA Gallery, "Impressions and Recollections" by Herman Baron, who was the founder of the ACA Gallery in 1932 and was its director until his death in 1961.