While precious few books on the subject of 'American Art' recognised the importance of Charles White, by contrast, such was his stature in narratives of African American art, that he inevitably featured in such publications. Typical in this regard was the book, published in 1960 by New York Graphic Society Art Library, Cedric Dover's American Negro Art, with the paperback edition being published a decade later. Not surprisingly, Charles White was well represented in the volume, in terms of reproductions of his work and references to him and his art. For example, beginning on page 49, in the chapter titled THE CONTINUITY OF NEGRO ART. 

"Charles White is a painter by the right of having raised drawing, with conte crayon or Chinese ink, to the level of painting. He is also a preacher, but a preacher so inspiring and searchingly eloquent that people of all faiths and nations have been uplifted by him. Indeed, his power has made the necessary exclusion of several of his pictures from this book the most distressing trial in its preparation. It is relieved by letting him state his philosophy:

The substance of man is such that he has to satisfy the needs of life with all his senses. His very being cries out for these senses to appropriate the true riches of life: the beauty of human relationships and dignity, of nature and art, realized in striding towards a bright tomorrow.... Without culture, without creative art, inspiring to these senses, mankind stumbles in a chasm of despair and pessimism.

My work takes shape around images and ideas that are centered within the vortex of the life experience of a Negro.... I look to life and to my people as the founthead of challenging ideas and monumental concepts. I look to Rembrandt, Goya, Daumier, Kollwitz, Orosco, Gatuso for greater knowledge of craft. I look for security in alliance with the millions of artists throughout the world with whom I share common goals. And I look to all mankind to communicate with and to appropriate my works..."

Reproductions of Charles White's work appeared throughout the book, beginning, as a frontispiece illustration, a work titled as "One of a series of ink drawings based on the spirituals" 1958 Courtesy Harry Belafonte. Thee were a total of 9 reproductions of White's work in this book, several of which were full page. A photograph of White, with one of his works, appeared in the SOME OF THE ARTISTS section.