The children's magazine Ebony Jr!, an offshoot of Ebony magazine carried in its April 1985 issue a feature on Charles White. Written by Glennette Tilley Turner, this one page feature was titled 'TAKE A WALK IN THEIR SHOES' and included a studio portrait of White, credited to JPC Photo Files.

Surprisingly perhaps, the piece made no mention of White having passed away. From the text (written of course, for juvenile readers) "Most of Charles White's work shows the contributions and dignity of Black people. He had grown up at a time when large numbers of Black people were moving from southern farms to northern cities to find work. Sometimes jobs were harder to get. Sometimes people with jobs still didn't have enough money." And, "Other artists, such as John T. Bigger, (sic) studied White's work. They were greatly influenced by what he drew and how he drew."