In 1955, Give me a Child, a book of verse by Sarah E. Wright and Lucy smith, was published by Kraft Publishing Company, of Philadelphia. The book was a collection of verse by Wright and Smith, interspersed with drawings and photographs. The book's drawings were by Charles L. Smith, who was also responsible for the design of the publication. This was an inspirational book, aimed at juvenile readers. There were six sections, NO GREATER LOVE, IF YOU RAISE CHILDREN, AND YOU WORK FOR A LIVING, IN THE MIDST OF WAR TRYING FOR PEACE, KNOWING DEMOCRACY IS FOR ALL THE PEOPLE EAGERLY LOOKING FORWARD, and TOWARD A MAKING OF SPRING. NO GREATER LOVE, for example, contained "To Some Millions Who Survive" by Wright, and "No Man An Island", by Smith. And TOWARD A MAKING OF SPRING, "Spring Io A Small Boy" and "Give Me a Child, both by Smith.

Both Wright and Smith were African American women, Wright having been born in Wetipquin, Maryland, and Smith in Wilmington, North Carolina. 

A full page reproduction of Charles White's Work (depicting a young African American worker), 1953. Wolff crayon and charcoal on illustration board, 44 × 28″ (111.8 × 71.1 cm) appeared in the and you work for a living section of Give me a Child.

This is a scarce publication, and this particular copy was signed by Wright and Smith.