This fascinating Heritage Gallery brochure of Charles White's work likely dates from the mid 1970s, though a date is not mentioned. Across two sides, 16 works are illustrated, with dates, dimensions, media and prices appended.

"The Heritage Gallery presents the following list of original signed and numbered graphics of Charles White." There then follows very brief biographical references. The side of the brochure illustrated here shows that those intent on ordering/purchasing work were required to complete the brochure and forward it, with appropriate payment, to Heritage Gallery in Los Angeles.

Works listed were:

"Pope X", 1972/3, etching, edition of 25

"Cat's Cradle", 1972/3. etching, edition of 25

"Missouri C", 1972/3, etching, edition of 25

"Lilly C", 1973, etching, edition of 25

"Vision", 1973, 8" diameter sterling silver plate. Produced by Gorham Mint in an edition of 100 with 10 artist proofs

"Frederick Douglass", 1950, lithograph, edition of 25

"John Brown", 1949, lithograph, edition of 50

"Exodus II", 1966, four color lithograph, edition of 50

"Juba", 1965, lithograph, edition of 40

"Love Letter", 1971, color lithograph, edition of 25

"Evening Song", 1970, lithograph, edition of 25

"Wanted Poster Series L-15", 1970, edition of 20

"Wanted Poster Series L-14", 1970, edition of 20

"Wanted Poster Series L-12", 1970, edition of 20

"Wanted Poster Series L-11", 1970, edition of 20

"I Had a Dream", 1965, edition of 65

Prices ranged from $200 - $450. The modern-day equivalent of these mid 1970s prices range from $1000 - $2300.