Charles White provided an illustration for the cover of Joe Newman and his band. The record was released on the Vanguard label as part of its ‎Vanguard Jazz Showcase – VRS-8007. Again, it was a 10" mono recording, the cover of which featured a drawing of a trumpet player. As with several other sleeves with drawings by White, this particular drawing featured the hands and face of the musician being the image's focus, the rest of the drawing - the shirt in particular- rendered as impressionistic, quickly drawn gestural strokes. The trumpet player wears cuff links, emphasising a certain casual smartness. The trumpet itself, in contrast to the musician's shirt, is rendered with controlled lines that speak of a commitment to technical skills that contrasted compellingly with the free flowing rendering of the trumpeter's shirt.

The album notes contained the following: "The drawing on the cover is one of a series commissioned by Vanguard Recording Society, Inc., from the distinguished American artist, Charles White, for use on its Jazz Showcase and classical releases. Aside from our belief that it takes a creative artist to capture the full human feeling of creative music, we hope by this means to bring to the public a knowledge of contemporary American art such as this, which has only to be seen to be loved. Charles White won the Julius Rosenwald Fellowship in 1942, an Academy of Arts and Letters Award in 1952, and a National Prize of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. His work is represented in the Whitney Museum, Library of Congress, and other famous collections."

A version of this text was reproduced on a number of the Vanguard sleeves that Charles White illustrated.