In the wake of Charles White's death, there were a number of celebratory evaluations of his life and work that appeared in print. Not surprisingly, given White's longstanding association with Ebony magazine, there was a special feature on White, reporting on an event that commemorated his recent passing and celebrated his life and work. The feature appeared in Ebony magazine, February 1980, pp. 68-73. Over five pages, the piece including reproductions of White's work (two of which were full page) and photographs from the tribute event. "A Jubilee for Charlie: Stars and friends celebrate life of Charles White" began with this text:

"When Charles White, the celebrated artist, died, family members and friends decided that a unique life deserved a unique remembrance. And so there was no funeral. Instead, there was a joyous Memorial Jubilee filled with art, music, dance, and laughter. An extraordinary roster of stars and artists participated in the Jubilee which drew an overflow audience to the Kinsey Auditorium of Los Angeles' Museum of Science and Industry. Donald Byrd, Beah Richards, Ivan Dixon, Paula Kelly, Roscoe Lee Browne and Brock Peters were there. So was Sidney Poitier. And when the celebration became too serious, Poitier recalled White's irrepressible spirit and warned against excessive sentimentality. "Charlie," he said, "was no angel in life, and I'll bet - pause and whoop of laughter - he's no [solemn] angel now." Historian Lerone Bennett, Jr., traced White's rise from the slums of Chicago to the upper reaches of the art world and said he made a larger impact on the masses of Black people than any other graphic artist. "We rejoice," he said, "we are glad in our hearts, because Charlie was here, and is here, and will always be here... and because the incredible beauty of his hereness illuminated and enriched our lives and transformed the vision of millions of men and women who once were blind and now can see."

In Reaches of the Heart: A Loving Look at the Artist Charles White (written by Frances Barrett White with Anne Scott), it was stated that Memorial Jubilee, In Tribute to Charlie had taken place on November 4, 1979.