La Nouvelle Critique (translated as The New Critic) was a French language magazine, carrying the subtitle, “Review of Militant Marxism”. It was created in 1948 by the French Communist Party and ran until 1980. This issue - Number 48 – dated from September-October 1953 and came out in the 5th year of the journal. The cover featured a drawing by Charles White. The Contents page (on the inside back cover) contained the following credit:


A l’aube d’un nouveau lendemain, par Charles White.

[OUR COVER: The dawn of a new day, by Charles White]

Within the publication (p. 53) Images of Dignity: The Drawings of Charles White, Ward Ritchie Press, 1967, the work on the cover of this magazine is identified as Hope, Oil, 1952 (p. 53)