Charles White's fruitful association with Masses & Mainstream continued  with him providing the cover illustration for the February, 1953 issue of the journal, which published a set of White’s prints that year. The image was "Dawn of a New Tomorrow". No date or other details were given, on the contents page of this, Vol. 6, No. 2 of Masses & Mainstream. This issue contained an important piece of writing on White, written by Sidney Finkelstein, who was beginning to distinguish himself as a noted admirer of the art of Charles White. For this, the February 1953 (Negro History Week) issue of Masses & Mainstream, Finkelstein had written a text on White titled "Charles White's Humanist Art", a text that ran to four pages.

The text begins, "Thanks to the courtesy of the artist, Charles White, I have been able to see a "preview" of his exhibition of paintings and drawings, which can be seen at the ACA Gallery in New York, February 9 - 28. It will be, like every exhibition of this artist's work in recent years, an outstanding event in our country's art life. And those who have been following his work will be overjoyed to see that he has made a qualitative leap in the development that from its beginning had held high the banner of realism and love for the working people."

Later in the text, Finkelstein describes some of the work in the exhibition: "...It is in these works that the depth and beauty of his human subjects are best disclosed, as well as his ability to give them expressive gestures that for all their seeming simplicity, have an epic character.     One of these, called "Dawn of a New Tomorrow," is reproduced on the cover of this issue. Another, "This Harvest Talk," shows two men in a field sharpening a scythe. It breathes a love of land and respect for labor. A third, of a man clasping a child, is called "Ye Shall Inherit the Earth."

Finkelstein concluded his text with, "Charles White works with full confidence in the people and in a world of peace and human progress. It is this confidence that radiates from his work."

Within the publication (p. 53) Images of Dignity: The Drawings of Charles White, Ward Ritchie Press, 1967, the work on the cover of this issue of Masses & Mainstream is identified as Hope, Oil, 1952