NEGRO:U.S.A: A Graphic History of the Negro People in America, was a set of 26 prints issued by The Workshop of Graphic Art, 106 East 14th Street, New York City, in 1949. The folio was published "in conjunction with the 1949 observance of National Negro History Week, February 6-12." The folio was issued as Workshop Prints No. 2 The Graphic Workshop and its prints were:

1 Slave auction / Leonard Baskin
2 Comrade / Leonard Baskin
3 "Together We'll Win ..." / Roy DeCarava
4 United labor / Antonio Frasconi
5 Dollar Liberty / Antonio Frasconi
6 Plantation / Antonio Frasconi
7 Slave ship / Antonio Frasconi
8 The standard bearer / Robert Gwathmey
9 Disciples of John Brown / Bud Handelsman
10 The artisan and the governor of Virginia / Charles Keller
11 Terror of the Klan / Louise Krueger
12 Enslavement / Louise Krueger
13 Nat Turner / Jacob Landau
14 Runaway slave / Jacob Landau
15 Reconstruction legislator / Al Lass
16 Underground railroad fording a stream / Jacob Lawrence
17 Race riot / Jerry Martin
18 Negroes in the Civil War / Jerry Martin
19 Anti-slavery petitions / Leona Pierce
20 Tenement / Leona Pierce
21 Migration north / Leona Pierce
22 Frederick Douglass, teacher / Jim Schlecker
23 First to fall / Jim Schlecker
24 Peter Salem at Bunker Hill / Edward Walsh
25 Negro U.S.A. / Charles White 
26 Our war / Charles White.

This was the second folio of prints and drawings produced by the Graphic Workshop. From the brief notes on the flaps of the folio jacket, by Charles Keller, President, Graphic Workshop: "Like Folio #1, YES, THE PEOPLE, issued in December, 1948, NEGRO:U.S.A. carries forward the purpose of the Workshop: "to promote art derived from and addressed to the American people, an art which expresses the living content of our democratic striving for creative fulfillment, peace and abundance." The Workshop of Graphic Art, Inc., publishes the work of members of the Graphic Workshop, an association of artists who by means of cooperative effort seek to develop an art which is meaningful to a growing audience, to remove art from the category of "collectors' items for the well-to-do" and restore it to the people at prices they can afford. The Graphic Workshop welcomes both the participation of artists and the support of an audience which believes with us that art belongs to the people."

This folio in the collection of Eddie Chambers is complete and includes the jacket and the Foreword by Dr. Herbert Aptheker. The jacket features the print, Negro:U.S.A., which lends its name to the folio itself. As with all prints in the folio, the two prints by Charles White measured approximately 14" x 9"