NEGRO: U.S.A: A Graphic History of the Negro People in America, was a set of prints issued by The Workshop of Graphic Art, 106 East 14th Street, New York City, around the end of the 1940s - beginning of the 1950s. The folio was issued as Workshop Prints No. 2 The Graphic Workshop and included work by:

Leonard Baskin
Roy DeCarava
Antonio Frasconi
Robert Gwathmey
Bud Handelsman
Charles Keller
Louise Krueger
Jacob Landau
Al Lass
Jacob Lawrence
Jerry Martin
Leona Pierce
Jim Schlecker
Edward Walsh
Charles White

This folio may well be incomplete and certainly lacks the jacket and the Foreword by Dr. Herbert Aptheker. The jacket features this print, Negro:U.S.A., which lends its name to the folio itself. This print, signed CHARLES WHITE '48 was one of two prints by Charles White in this incomplete folio.