Charles White consistently lent his drawings to be used on the covers of progressive, left-leaning journals. Such journals included New Foundations, which described itself as "a publication devoted to the political. cultural and intellectual problems of American students. Its purpose is to stimulate clear thinking and progressive social action in all fields of study and activity and to express the needs, activities and aspirations of student America. NEW FOUNDATIONS actively combats reactionary and fascist ideologies in all their manifestations and presents a positive approach to the solution of the problem of American students - an approach infused with the creative spirit of socialism. The orientation of this magazine will be militantly progressive, with the aim of stimulating Marxist thought and practice." ['The Principles... inside cover of Volume 3  Number 2,Spring 1950]. This was truly a progressive publication, which carried the slogan "THE EARTH SHALL RISE ON NEW FOUNDATIONS".

Perhaps on account of this particular issue carrying a piece by Ann Williams on 'NEGRO COLLEGE WOMEN', Volume 3  Number 2,Spring 1950 carried on its cover a 'picture' credited as Harriet Tubman, by Charles White.