An early appreciation of Charles White appeared in Masses & Mainstream, August 1953. The piece was penned by Philip Evergood, and titled "The Art of Charles White." The piece appeared on pages 36 - 39 and was illustrated with "Let's Walk Together."

The occasion of the text was the issuing of a folio of drawings by White, advertised on the back of the magazine, with the following text: "You Cannot Afford to be Without - THE ART OF CHARLES WHITE   A Folio of Six Drawings   Introduction by ROCKWELL KENT   "These drawings are tremendous because human dignity is tremendous, and human strength, and the love of humanity which is the beginning of art." AL RICHMOND in Daily People's World"

Evergood's text, trailed on the cover of the magazine, began with references to the folio, "The folio of Six Drawings by Charles White, issued by Masses and Mainstream, is a happy event not only for the people who will gain beauty and inspiration from these tender and human documents shining out from the walls of their homes, but for an art world satiated by the myriads of meaningless and tiresome experiments in how to paint or sculpt something which reminds one of nothing.

Rockwell Kent's sensitive and searching introduction is a worthy adjunct to the six very faithfully rendered reproductions of the original black and white drawings, made by the comparatively modern process of offset lithography. Kent pays high tribute to Charles White for the humanism and for the artistically successful execution of these monumentally conceived drawings of people.

The problem of getting art to the people has been a subject of serious thought on the part of progressive artists, educators, trade unionists. Paintings, except for murals in buildings where the broad public has a chance to see them, are in general too expensive for the average worker. Painters in countries where little or no government support for the artist exists, such as our country today, are obliged to rely in main for sale of their work on rich collectors and middle class buyers in the higher income brackets. Artists have been separated from the audience which could and should be their great source of strength and energy. This source of creative power is living, functioning humanity of which art has to be a part to attain greatness.

By bringing out this portfolio of six large ready-to-frame prints at $3.00, Masses and Mainstream is showing the way to a practical realization of the artists' and the peoples' desires. And in choosing White, the magazine has chosen a Negro people's artist who can not only draw human beings with the dignity they deserve but who gives us a penetrating and symbolic rendering of the beauty of the Negro people."

The full title of the feature was "CHARLES WHITE: Beauty and Strength"