Perhaps in the same ways in which Playboy magazine was the location of important groundbreaking interviews by journalist Alex Haley (for example, his interviews with Malcolm X, which lead to X's Autobiography), Sweetie magazine was the location of a feature on Charles White. The magazine was 'Adults Only' and this issue Vol.1, No. 10, was published in 1969. Titled "Charles White: America's Most Celebrated Negro Artist", it was written by Bob Moore and covered four pages. Along with five monochrome reproductions of work by Charles White, the piece featured photographs of White in his studio. One, of him at his easel,  the other of him making a woodcut.

From the text: "Mr. White is one of America's few freelance artists who has been able to sell nearly everything he has produced. He paints by impulse, and it seems he always  has buyers waiting. Among the many proud owners of Charles White originals are such people as: Sidney Poitier, Sammy Davis Jr., Harry Belafonte, Roland Hayes, Paul Robeson, and Stanley Kramer.

...In Detroit, Charles met attractive Frances Barrett, whom he married in 1950. In 1956, the Whites went to Southern California, decided to stay, and purchased a home in Altadena."