In 1955, Charles White provided a montaged illustration for the covers of 2 Part Inventions in Jazz, a volume issued in multiple editions. This particular record illustrated here was an Austrian release, Vol. 1, on the Vanguard label as part of its ‎Vanguard Jazz Showcase – AVRS-7009-X. Again, these were 10" recordings. The cover featured two drawings by White, one of a piano player (Ellis Larkins’ instrument) and the other of a trumpet player (Ruby Braff’s instrument). The drawings had each been used on other Vanguard record sleeves, but for 2 Part Inventions in Jazz had been montaged together. There were no references to White on the back of the sleeve. The covers of the various editions were differentiated by the colour of the vertical block on the left side of the record sleeve (plus the same colour used in the title of the record). The colour used in this edition was a shade of green.