In 1970, Heritage Gallery published a set of prints of Charles White's WANTED poster series. The folio contained six prints and was introduced on the inside cover with the following text by Charles White, dated January 1970:

The substance of man is such that he has to satisfy the needs of life with all his senses. His very being cries out for these senses to appropriate the true riches of life:

The beauty of human relationships and dignity, of nature and art, realized in striding toward a bright tomorrow... Without a history, a culture, without creative art inspiring  to these senses, mankind stumbles in a chasm of despair and pessimism.

My work takes shape around images and ideas that are centered within the vertex of a black life experience. A nitty-gritty ghetto experience - resulting in contradictory emotions. Anguish - hope - love - despair - happiness - faith - lack of faith - dreams. Stubbornly holding on to an elusive romantic belief that the people of this land cannot always be insensitive to the dictates of justice or deaf to the voice of humanity. [Sentence break in original text]

The folio's six prints were numbered from No. 1 to No.6  and contained respective details of the medium and sizes of the original works. The inside back cover of the folio contained very useful biographical information on White. Awards, Collections, Publications, Exhibitions, etc, together with a sizeable photograph of the artist in his studio. This folio is complete, containing all six prints.