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Eddie Chambers' writings include the following 39 texts - exhibition reviews, book reviews, and comment pieces - for Art Monthly, London, published between September 1989 and October 2021. 11 of these texts were included in Run Through the Jungle, INIVA, London, 1999, and are indicated by [RTTJ]. A further 6 of these texts were included in World is Africa: Writings on Diaspora Art, and are indicated by [WIA]. Click on each item in the list for a link to extracts from each text. 

Eddie Chambers became an Art Monthly Foundation Honorary Patron,  (together with Liam Gillick, Hans Haacke, Mona Hatoum, Alfredo Jaar, and Martha Rosler). Appointed June 2018

Exhibition review, "A Tall Order!: Rochdale Art Gallery in the 1980s", 4 February - 6 May, 2023: 24-25

Exhibition review, "Isaac Julien: Lessons of the Hour", Scottish Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, 28 July to 10 October 2021. Art Monthly, October 2021: 25 - 26

"An Alternative History of Art", (on BBC Radio 4's series), Art Monthly, London, Number 415, April 2018: 44

"On 'Afro-Caribbean Art', in Art Monthly, April 1978, a retrospective creation of a missing issue of the magazine, April 1978 (created June 2017): 16-17

“Black is a Color: (A History of African American Art)”, by Elvan Zabunyan, published by Dis Voir, 2005, book review, Art Monthly, London, Number 294, March 2006: 36-37 [WIA]

"Scape Specific” (two Book Works publications), book reviews, Art Monthly, London, Number 293, February 2006: 37

“Carrie Mae Weems”, exhibition review, Café Gallery Projects, London, Art Monthly, London, Number 288, July/August 2005: 30-31

“Shades of Black: Assembling Black Arts in 1980s Britain”, Duke University Press, 2005, edited by David A. Bailey, Ian Baucom, Sonia Boyce, book review, Art Monthly, London, Number 288, July/August 2005: 46-47

“Changing States: Contemporary Art and Ideas in an Era of Globalisation”, published by Institute of International Visual Arts, London, 2004, edited by Gilane Tawadros, book review, Art Monthly, London, Number 287, June 2005: 38

“Africa 05: Polemic, Art Monthly, London, Number 284, March 2005: 44 [WIA]

“MULTIPLE IDENTITIES Deterritorialism”, book review of Black My Story, published by Museum de Paviljoens, Netherlands, 2003, Polemic, Art Monthly, London, Number 272, December 2003 – January 2004: 41-42 [WIA]

"The Third Text Reader on Art, Culture and Theory”, published by Third Text, London, 2002, edited by Rasheed Araeen, Sean Cubitt, and Ziauddin Sardar, book review, Art Monthly, Number 263, London, February 2003: 41

“Shelf Life”, exhibition review, Spike Island, Bristol, Art Monthly, London, Number 254, March 2002: 16-17

“Landscape Trauma in the Age of Scopophilia”, exhibition review, group exhibition curated by Richard Hylton of Autograph Association of Black Photographers, held at The Café Gallery/Dilston Grove, London, Art Monthly, London, Number 249, September 2001: 46-48

“The Next Place: Journeys into the Afterlife”, a review of Michael Forbes’ Celebration of Death photographs at Castle Museum, Nottingham, Art Monthly, London, Number 248, July-August 2001: 49-50

“Dead Artists’ Society” (a critique of posthumous exhibitions of Black artists’ work), Art Monthly, London, Number 244, March 2001: 52 [WIA]

“Black and White”, book review of Negrophilia: Avant-Garde Paris and Black Culture in the 1920s, Petrine Archer-Straw, Thames and Hudson, 2000, Art Monthly, London, Number 241, November 2000: 46-47

“No More Mumbo Jumbo”, book review of Contemporary African Art (Sidney Littlefield Kasfir, Thames and Hudson, 1999), Art Monthly, London, Number 237, June 2000: 46-47

“Crowning Folly”, Art Monthly, London, Number 236, May 2000: 54-55

“Gordon Bennett”, exhibition review, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, Art Monthly, London, Number 233, February 2000: 26-27

“Pictures of Pictures”, exhibition review, Arnolfini/Norwich Gallery group exhibition at Arnolfini, Bristol. Art Monthly, London, Number 231, November 1999: 36-37

“The Main Complaint”, critique of an exhibition by William Kentridge (South Africa), Serpentine Gallery, London. Art Monthly, London, Number 227, June 1999: 1-4. [WIA]

“Tracey Moffatt”, exhibition review, Arnolfini, Bristol, Art Monthly, London, Number 219, September 1998: 34-35 [RTTJ]

“Sonia Boyce”, exhibition review, Cornerhouse, Manchester, Art Monthly, London, Number 215, April 1998: 26-28

“Donald Gladstone Rodney May 18, 1961 – March 4, 1998", obituary, Art Monthly, London, Number 215, April 1998: 21

“Brits in the Bronx”, exhibition review of Transforming the Crown: African, Asian, and Caribbean Artists in Britain, 1966-1996 group exhibition, several venues, New York. Art Monthly, London, Number 214, March 1998: 7-10 [RTTJ]

“Johannesburg”, report on the Johannesburg Biennale of 1997, Art Monthly, London, Number 212, December 1997/January 1998: 14-18  [RTTJ]

“Keith Piper: Relocating the Remains”, exhibition review of mid-career retrospective held at Upper and Lower Gulbenkian Galleries, Royal College of Art, London. Art Monthly, London, Number 209, September 1997: 43-44. [RTTJ]

“Whitewash”, (a critique on the absence of Black people from employment in the gallery sector), Art Monthly, London, Number 205, April 1997: 11-12 [RTTJ].

“Three Songs on Pain Light & Time”, film review (film about British artist Donald Rodney) made by Trevor Mathison and Edward George (Black Audio Film Collective), colour, sound, Digibeta, 25 mins, 1995, film review, Art Monthly, London, Number 200, October 1996: 65-66 [WIA]

“Inside Out: Contemporary Women Artists of India”, exhibition review, Art Monthly, London, Number 193, February 1996: 35-37

“Tampered Surface (six contemporary artists from Pakistan)”, exhibition review, Art Monthly, London, Number 190, October 1995: 30-31. [RTTJ]

“Who Needs It? Global Visions: Towards a New Internationalism in the Visual Arts”, Third Text Publications, London, Rasheed Araeen, Jean Fisher et al., Art Monthly, London, Number 183, February 1995: 45

“Bashir Makhoul”, exhibition review, Huddersfield Art Gallery, Art Monthly, London, Number 168, July/August 1993: 26-27 [RTTJ]

“Trophies of Empire”, exhibition review of group exhibition held across a number of venues in Liverpool/Hull/Bristol, Art Monthly, London, Number 162, December 1992/January 1993: 13-15 

“Alfredo Jaar”, exhibition review, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London. Art Monthly, London, Number 155, April 1992: 19-20 [RTTJ]

“Adrian Piper”, exhibition review of retrospective exhibition at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham. Art Monthly, London, Number 152, December 1991/January 1992: 13-15. [RTTJ]

“Black Markets”, exhibition review of group exhibition at Cornerhouse, Manchester. Art Monthly, London, Number 148, July/August 1991: 31-33.[RTTJ]

“Makonde African sculpture”, exhibition review/critique of exhibition at Museum of Modern Art, Oxford. Art Monthly, London, Number 129, September 1989: 18-20 [RTTJ]