This was the first folio of prints and drawings produced by the Graphic Workshop, YES, THE PEOPLE, issued in December, 1948. The folio featured two prints by Charles White

10 prints, 14 x 9 inches, plus title/contents leaf, introduction leaf by Leonard Baskin, loose as issued in original printed portfolio. Moderate wear to portfolio, minimal wear to contents; includes two prints by Charles White, "Mexican Woman" and "Mexican Boy".

The ten prints are as follows:

1. Antonio Frasconi – “In Gold we Trust”
2. Helen Maris - “Children”
3. Irving Amen – “Folk Singer”
4. Charles White – “Mexican Woman”
5. Milton Wynne – “Greece – 1948”
6. Phyllis Skolnick – “Coal-miner’s Family”
7. Eugene Karlin – “Southern Negro Girl”
8. Antonio Frasconi “Farmer with Hayloader”
9. Charles White – “Mexican Boy”
10 Irving Amen – “Flight”

From the introductory notes ('Foreword') by Leonard Baskin: "A GROUP OF YOUNG ARTISTS have come to realize that if their art is to survive as healthy and vital work, it must establish honestly and forthrightly, intimate and strong ties with the working people of America. Socially aware artists have ever attempted to forge such direct links, but working as individuals in an individualistic manner, they were almost pre-doomed to fail. At best they could proclaim their sympathies, but only to a limited group pf patrons who frequent the galleries, establishments which are unmistakably operated as businesses and which show no concerns for the poor man's artistic needs and desires...

...Not content to simply produce art for the privileged few, they who have felt the great need for popular fine art forms have worked to bring this folio about. The splendid spirit and determination that made the Workshop a reality permeates the ten works in this folio, and it is in just this spirit that it is presented to you, now.